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One to Watch- Ryley Batt


Name- Ryley Batt

DOB (age)- 22/05/89 (26 years old)

Place of Birth- Port Macquarie, Australia

Classification- 3.5

Club- New South Wales Gladiators

Disability- Limb deficiency


Career Highlights

2014- World Championships- 1st

2012- Paralympic Games- 1st

2012- Canada Cup- 2nd

2011- Great Britain Cup- 1st

2011- Asia Oceania Regional- 1st

2010- World Championships- 2nd (MVP)

2010- Four Nations Championships- 1st (MVP)

2010- Canada Cup- 1st (MVP)

2008- Paralympic Games- 2nd


The BT WWRC15 is well and truly underway as we complete the final part of our One to Watch feature.


Having already profiled GB’s Ayaz Bhuta, USA high pointer Chuck Aoki and Canada star Zak Madell, the final player to complete the quartet is Australia’s Paralympic gold medallist Ryley Batt.


The 26 year old has already featured in three Paralympic Games having become the youngest wheelchair rugby athlete to play at the Games in Athens 2004, aged just 15.


Eleven years and one Paralympic Gold and Silver medal later, Batt will be hoping to guide his Australia side to more success in England’s capital.


Nathaniel Holland caught up with the high pointer to see how he was preparing ahead of the tournament.


What are you looking forward to the most going into the tournament?

“I am looking forward to playing the top teams in the world again. With a year to Rio 2016 all teams are going to be gunning for that win at the BT WWRC.”


You are returning to London, a place where you won gold with Australia in 2012, what are your memories of that summer and are you excited to come back to the UK to play?

“There were so many great memories to take in from our London 2012 campaign. GB has such a great love for the sport of wheelchair rugby as we saw in London 2012. I’m looking forward to playing in front of a great crowd again and hopefully keep London our favourite place to play!”


What are your thoughts on the standard of opposition that will be competing at the BT WWRC and is there any games you are looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to playing every game! It has been too long since Australia played at a major tournament so it will be great to see how much every team has improved. It’s going to be tough for us Aussies but we love the tough games!”


Who are you most looking forward to playing against?

I'm looking forward to playing France. We have never played them and they have been such a great team to watch over the past few years.”


What advice have you got for the fans and what can they expect from the BT WWRC?

“Expect to see some hard hits from the Aussies. We love fast hard-hitting rugby!”


And finally, how do you think Australia will fare in the tournament?

As the current number one ranked team we are hoping to win the tournament. However, we have a target on our back and are going to find it tough.”


Quick Fire Round


Favourite Food- Japanese

Favourite Drink- A cold celebratory stubby (beer)

Sporting Idol- Travis Pastrana

Favourite Sport away from Wheelchair Rugby- Motorcross

Favourite Colour- green

What subject did you most enjoy at school- sport

Favourite Holiday Destination- The Australian bush

Hopes for future- To develop Australian wheelchair rugby to excel over the next few decades