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One to Watch - Zak Madell


Name-Zak Madell
DOB (age)-
28/03/94 (21 years old)
Place of Birth-
Edmonton, Canada
Calgary Inferno
Quadruple Amputee

Career Highlights
2015 Parapan American Games- 1st
2014- World Championships- 2nd (MVP and Best 3.5)
2014- Canada Cup- 2nd
2012- Canada Cup- 2nd
2012- Paralympic Games- 2nd
2011- Americas Zone Qualification Tournament- 2nd

With the BT WWRC less than a week away, it is the time to look at our third key player throughout the spectacle. With seven of the top ten best countries in the world competing alongside 17th placed South Africa, the tournament is sure to showcase some of the games’ best players at the Copper Box Arena.

Last week, we featured Great Britain’s Ayaz Bhuta and USA star Chuck Aoki, and now it is the turn of Canada’s Zak Madell.

Nathaniel Holland caught up with the Paralympic Silver medallist to see how he was preparing ahead of the tournament.

What are you looking forward to the most going into the tournament?
“I am looking forward to playing some intense rugby games against the stiffest competition that the world has to offer!”

You are returning to London, a place where you won silver with Canada in 2012, what are your memories of that summer and are you excited to come back to the UK to play?
“I am beyond excited, going to the Paralympics in 2012 is one of my fondest memories and I am hoping we can recreate the success that we had last time we visited!”

What are your thoughts on the standard of opposition that will be competing at the BT WWRC and is there any games you are looking forward to?
“There are the top teams in the world that we will be competing against, so I am looking forward to the challenge, because we know we will not have any easy games. I am also definitely looking forward to playing against South Africa. They will be the only team at this tournament that I have never had the opportunity to play against.”

Who are you most looking forward to playing against?
“I always look forward to playing against other amputees. I feel that we all have a bit of a friendly rivalry between one another, and it often makes for some very exciting match-ups.”

Zak will be looking forward to a match up with Ryley Batt

What advice have you got for the fans and what can they expect from the BT WWRC?
“We are hoping to showcase our sport as the physical, fast paced game that it can be. Canada is currently ranked 2nd in the world, and we want to show fans what one of the best rugby teams around looks like, especially since the sport originated in Canada.”

And finally, how do you think Canada will fare in the tournament?
“I like to think that we have a good shot at winning it all! We know it won't be easy, but this is a key step in our journey to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.”

Quick Fire Round:
Favourite Food-
Chicken wings
Favourite Drink- Iced Coffee
Sporting Idol-
Kevin Durant
Favourite Sport away from Wheelchair Rugby-
Favourite Colour-
Last Album you downloaded-
18 Months by Calvin Harris
Last film you saw at the cinema-
What subject did you most enjoy at school-
Favourite Holiday Destination-
Turks and Caicos Islands
Random fact-
Even though I am Canadian, I was never able to skate growing up so I played lacrosse instead of Ice Hockey.
Hopes for future-
Win a Paralympic Gold medal

Canada's schedule and ticket info is available here