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Invictus was a tidal wave of emotion for lots of people. The media interest and general profile of the event during the build up was amazing and the stories and background of the competing athletes was inspirational. Wheelchair Rugby was at the centre of things and took ownership of the Copperbox on the Friday. 

Arriving at the venue we were struck by the scale of the organisation, there seemed to be an incredible amount of people working on the event and It was pretty clear throughout that there was a lot of London 2012 organising talent behind it all. The queue for the merchandise was massive and the amount of London 2012 memorabilia being worn and flags being waved all came together to create that special vibe.

What wasn't clear was how good the actual sport would be, but we were suitably impressed. The short format games and high quantity of turnovers with high intensity and great sports presentation all made for a compelling package. The highlight looked like being the celebrity match with Prince Harry getting the biggest cheer (and the first points), but with Ayaz Bhuta and Jim Roberts at the core of everything and a host of MBEs, OBEs, world and Olympic champions the competition was suitably fierce.

Somehow the Gold medal match topped all that with lots of incident, a few dodgy looking official decisions, lots of sin bin action, multiple turnovers, some big hits and most importantly of all a GB win. I can admit to feeling a little emotional when the medals were handed out and it really was an incredible night that set the bar high for us to repeat next October. 

6000 people screaming for a GB win against USA in the final then would really be something special!